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peonia seeds
job’s tears
sterling silver


All of the seeds are from Haiti and collected by women who live in Milot. These women sell the necklaces to tourists but, over the past 30 years the tourist market has declined dramatically and these women are struggling to survive. Each necklace is unique and the styles vary as exhibited in these images.

100% of the proceeds from this necklace will go directly to SOIL.

Dog Beds Online Are Easy To Find

Dog Beds Online Are Easy To Find
If you are searching for a mixed breed dog, then the best place to go is your local animal shelter, humane society or rescue organization. Millions of dogs are euthanized every year, and adopting from one of these locations gives dogs a second chance. Most are spayed or neutered and have received medical treatment. 

Some rescue organizations also offer obedience training and socialization skills. You will need to purchase a variety of items for your new dog before you bring him home. You can find dog beds online that you cannot find anywhere else. They also offer dog beds online at discount prices that are cheaper than your local pet store. 

A dog is a social being with a deep sense of loyalty and feelings. If they are ignored or left outside, they may have behavioral problems. Dogs need care and attention, just like human beings. Caring for your new dog will have him relaxed because he trusts his human companions. Dog beds online give your new pet a safe and secure place to sleep. Dog beds online are available in a variety of sizes to fit the needs of all dog breeds. Dog beds online at offer a wide selection of beds in an assortment of styles and fabrics.

Why Dogs Need Training

Dogs require training for house-training and obedience training. Dog training also teaches your pet good manners. Most dog training classes cover simple commands that include sit, stand and not to jump up on people. You must be willing to make a time commitment when you decide to get a new dog. Dogs also require grooming, food, flea and worm preventatives and yearly shots. If you have small children, then consider getting a larger dog. A well-behaved dog is a joy to be around and will remain loyal to its owner.